The 18 highest paying developer roles in 2021

The pandemic has sped up efforts to propose more digital services for employees and customers while also pushing advanced cloud strategies driving up claim for software developers athwart all activity sectors.

At the same time ’were in the middle of the Great Resignation where employees are quitting their jobs at record-setting rates’ wrote Josh Brenner CEO of tech recruitment specialist Hired in a late report. ’During the COVID-19 pandemic many entered a time of reflecting reevaluating their course paths with newfound perspective. Some nation vowed never to work from an service anew while others sought out better benefits and work-life weigh. This has led to high employee turnover and a spike in claim for top tech genius.’

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These trends are reflected in the mean salary of those defined as software developers on Hireds platform with salaries athwart the US steadily rising since 2019 from $146000 to $152000 in 2020 and now $153000 in 2021.

Here are the highest-paying software developer roles in the US according to Robert Halfs 2022 Salary Guide which is based on investigation conducted during the summer of 2021. These figures portray the national mean salary range for the 50th and 75th percentile of applicants.

Cloud and software constructors

The highest paying non-C-suite role in 2021 is the cloud constructor. Organizations are looking for geniused engineers to lead their digital transformation efforts.

  • Cloud/network constructor: $153750-$180500
  • Applications constructor: $150500-$180250

Software developers and engineers

Software developer job titles have proliferated in late years and there is a clear need for mobile and applications developers who get paid on mean far better than their colleagues quiet working on mainframes.

  • Software and applications director: $142500-$166250
  • Mobile applications developer: $137250-$163750
  • Senior software engineer: $135250-$162250
  • Software engineer: $124500-$147250
  • Software developer: $122250-$142750
  • Developer/programmer analyst: $112500-$133750
  • Mainframe programmer: $70250-$87500

Web developers

Developers responsible solely for web applications get paid on a slightly different layer than measure software developer job titles.

  • Senior web developer: $128750-$151000
  • Web developer: $111000-$131500
  • Front-end developer: $93250-$107750

Devops engineers

The rise of the site reliability engineer (SRE) has seen mean salaries for that role spike with candidates able to show these skills earning more on mean than their colleagues in the devops office. The line between these offices is a gray one but there is some demonstrable extra inducement for anyone that can subtly pivot from devops to SRE.

  • Site reliability engineer: $126750-$154250
  • Devops engineer: $125750-$149000

QA and testing

Testing and condition arrogance offices stay among the lowest-paid developer roles according to Robert Half. These nation are responsible for ensuring code releases are firm and free of bugs.

  • Testing/QA director: $106500-$124000
  • QA engineer automated: $92500-$108750
  • QA engineer manual: $78500-$89500
  • QA analyst/companion: $81250-$96750