JetBrains launches cross-platform UI framework for Kotlin

JetBrains has officially propeled Compose Multiplatform 1.0 a tool that promises to despatch the outgrowth of user interfaces for desktop Android and web applications using the companys Kotlin programming speech.

Compose Multiplatform has reached firm status and can be used for edifice production-level apps the company said on December 2. The UI framework for Kotlin takes a declarative and reactive access to edifice UIs allowing UI code to be shared athwart platforms and sparing developers from intercourse with UI update logic.

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Compose Multiplatform allows parts of the UI to be previewed without edifice the whole app. A ordinary API is shared with Jetpack Compose by Google simplifying adoption. A Grade plug-in allows applications to be packaged for major operating systems while also offering interoperability with existing Java frameworks. Developers can use Compose Multiplatform in Java apps or use Java components in Compose Multiplatform apps.

In accession developers can form web apps using Kotlin with Compose Multiplatform providing a reactive Kotlin API for manipulating the DOM with CSS-in-JS support. Kotlin support is granted sans JavaScript interoperability mechanisms thus providing more type safety and forthcoming proofing. Code for the UI and state treatment can be shared between Android desktop and web with Jetpack Compose-based apps for Android being movable to the desktop.

Since the propel of Compose Multiplatform Alpha this summer improvements have been made to make the framework more strong and cover more edge cases JetBrains said. The beta rendering was propeled earlier this fall with nice issues fixed and accessibility features added for Windows. The JetBrains Toolbox App application director is now also built on Compose Multiplatform leading to decreased remembrance decline better accomplishment and smaller installer size JetBrains said.