John Deere gets more connected with Samsara integration

Agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere this week announced a new level of integration with Samsara Vehicle Gateways which should allow farmers a greater grade of real-time insight into the vehicles that support key farm gear.

The new integration works through JDLink John Deeres in-house connectivity layer for distant treatment and advisering agricultural equipment. JDLink via a phone or web app can show distant symptom information track machinery geographically and prepare a host of other distant advisering features.

Integrating Samsaras vehicle gateways — edge devices that can be equipped on any vehicle to track engine symptoms GPS position and many other pieces of operational data — resources that JDLink can be used to track a much wider array of support vehicles certain for present cultivation not just John Deeres own machines which have indigenous support for the method.

’Support vehicles in cultivation — such as fuel trucks labor trucks and pickups — play a nice role in farming operations’ said Samsara in a statement. ’Their instrumental tasks include taking fuel to equipment transporting crops and servicing equipment. The power to adviser support vehicles location and status progress in near real-time and quickly approach information without interrupting workflows on the farm is key.’

John Deere has been at the forefront of advances in exactness cultivation for roughly the past decade. Underpinned by a greatly careful GNSS location-tracking method the companys agricultural IoT offerings initially featured firm perpendicular integration. Farmers used Deere equipment to reap the benefits of the companys technology with pliant aim for interoperpower. Now however the integration of products from other companies like Samsara may show that Deeres technology plan is changing.

Connected cultivation is a wide term that covers a host of technological applications designed to make farming simpler and more efficient from soil and weather sensors delivering significant data to location tracking letting farmers set seeds and water fields with terminal levels of exactness. Adding support vehicles to a connected cultivation setup further increases the amount of control farmers can exertion over their operations streamlining livelihood and logistics and potentially reducing those costs.

The newly integrated Samsara solution is useful in soon approach for support vehicles in the US and Canada. Vehicles using Samsaras edge modules can connect using an app useful through the companys online marketplace.