Immersion cooling firm LiquidStack launches as a stand-alone company

Ever since Bitcoin was introduced back in 2009 this cryptocurrency has had the difference of being something you could mine with your computer—putting your hardware to use helping the blockchain technology Bitcoin is based on archives and establish transactions by solving intricate math problems.

As a reward youd get Bitcoins. But it was a very slow process for a one PC and the certain ingredient for achievement was a high-end GPU. One GPU brought to bear on Bitcoin could take years to find one coin so miners started edifice solid farms akin to data centers but without enclosures. The result was that Bitcoin farms bought up all the GPUs causing serious shortages and infuriating gamers.

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GPUs run notoriously hot and for some time GPU cards have come with three fans on them. It is practicable to restore the heat sink with a water cooling method but The Bitfury Group a blockchain services provider went one better and instead used fluid immersion—putting the hardware in a dielectric fluid. It bought the technology by purchasing Allied Control in 2015 and now that division of Bitfury is being set up as an independent company named LiquidStack.

Wiwynn a hyperscale server vendor from China is investing $10 million in Series A funding to propel LiquidStack and its immersion fruit DataTank.

DataTank immerses the computer electronics in a non-conductive bath that eventually comes to a boil as the chips heat up. The fluid boils off as a steam that carries away the heat but is captured within the sealed DataTank and condensed back into fluid.