Aruba service overlays existing infrastructure with virtual networks

Aruba Networks is expanding its Edge Services Platform to better handle and automate the agency of far-flung distributed enterprise networks.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises network assistant rolled out NetConductor a cloud-based labor that Aruba says will help enterprises centrally handle the security of distributed networks while simplifying plan provisioning and automating the orchestration of network shapes in wired wireless and WAN infrastructures.

What is SDN and where its going

NetConductor is a labor delivered by Aruba Central the vendors core cloud-based handlement platform and works by delivering an EVPN VXLAN-based network overlay athwart a customers wired and wireless networks offering a much more unified and simplified view of the network to the networking team according to Larry Lunetta vice chairman of wireless local area network and security solutions marketing at Aruba.

’The idea is that NetConductor finds all of the networking components and users can mark policies and security in the work juggler—hit a button and the total environment is created and perceptible’ Lunetta said. ’NetConductor presents a much more unified and simplified view of the network to the networking team and a way to breed pervasive security policies athwart the network as well.’ 

The work juggler sets up a graphically driven user workflow that lets the networking team setup these segments stitch them unitedly in a way that makes perception from a business and an IT perspective and with a one click breed the shape information to the infrastructure Lunetta said.