Arms latest: A CPU design to better serve AI ML

Arm Holdings has introduced the Armv9 microarchitecture the leading overhaul of its CPU architecture in a decade with weighty emphasis on security and all things artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Arm for the unfamiliar does not make CPUs like Intel and AMD. It makes basic architectural designs that licensees modify with their own particular technological sauce. It makes variances for high-performance mobile embedded and edge/cloud.

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As part of Arms Vision Day occurrence earlier this week the company announced the leading details of the Armv9 architecture with more to come later this year. The company has to tread cautiously as it is in the process of being acquired by Nvidia and forces are lining up to withstand the deal.

From an architectural standpoint v9 probably isnt as big a jump as v8 was over v7 where the company introduced 64-bit teachings for the leading time with the AArch64 teaching set along with a redesigned execution mode.

Armv9 is built on Armv8 and is backwards consistent so no software rewrites will be required. The major new technology concept introduced in Arm v9 is the Confidential Compute Architecture and the concept of Realms.