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Toy weapons & gadgets

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for the imagination enthusiast, we have all the toy weapons & gadgets any child could need! Playtime is a really important time in any child's life, and having all these fun accessories is a great way to make this creative play easier. Perhaps they would like Vroom and Wing with our Star Wars lightsabers, or like an adventurer with our safe toy weapons. We're sure you'll only find one!

Transforming into the ultimate soldier, supernatural ninja, or even your favorite superhero might not always feel complete. You might have the perfect action hero costume, but if you don't have the dummy weapon to go with it, you're not fully equipped! Take a look at these toy gun accessories and you will soon have all the swords and toy guns you could ever need.

Can you imagine a ninja starless ninja or a Stormtrooper without his blaster? How about a gunless pirate, or a Mighty Thor without Mjolnir, or even Lion-O without the Sword of Omens? Okay, so all of those characters are still pretty cool without their respective weapons, but when you can pair one of those costumes with their respective weapon, there's no need to hit the streets without one.

We have brought together all the classic weapons of warriors, protectors, assassins and soldiers, so that you can play the part of any type of character with a fighting spirit (you don't even want to know what we had to go through to fight the Master Sword away from Link) ! Heck, we even have a caveman club for those of you who feel like using something prehistoric on your enemies! Of course, all of these guns are toys, so they're much safer than real ones and won't get you in trouble as long as you play them right. And the best part of all these toy guns? It's just that they have a price tag that won't destroy your cash reserve!

The best toy weapons & gadgets

We all wanted it. You know, being kind of a master swordsman, like those in a daring fantasy novel. Or maybe you've dreamed of being a space adventurer with a laser gun by your side? Let's go! We can't be the only ones who dream of it! Sadly, most of us never get a chance to hone our weapon skills (and we wouldn't have any practical use for those kinds of skills). Instead, we end up dreaming about what it could be like for a hero armed to the teeth! Well the good news is we still have toys! Toy guns and gadgets are the best way to make this dream come true. It never hurts to give the old imagination a healthy little boost with a cool gun.

They're not just for kids, although kids love to have a cute toy gun to play with. Whether you're trying to feel like Batman wielding a Batarang or you've always dreamed of cosplaying your favorite video game character, toy weapons make it all possible! We just had to show off some of our best toy guns! Since we're big fans of different toy guns, we've made lists of our all-time favorite toy guns. From collectible swords to movie props and even dart guns, we'll cover it all in our little guide to the best toy guns of all time.

Children have vivid imaginations. The backyard can be transformed into a fantasy world that is richer than anything you can witness in a movie. The old tree in the garden turns into a dragon. The car parked in the driveway turns into a pirate ship and the family dog becomes the king of the country! It's a place where they can be your favorite superhero, a brave knight from medieval times, or even a video game character. Of course, with all of these wonderful characters, there is a wide variety of special toy weapons to combine to aid them in their quest!

Kids love toy guns. It gives them the opportunity to feel like the superheroes and the fantastic characters they adore. But then the real question is, what are the best toy guns for kids? There are so many, what are the favorites? Well, we've put together a list of some of the best toy guns for kids to help you figure out what type of toy is best for your little hero.

Bow and arrow toy

Hawkeye from the Avengers made archery cool again. Okay okay, maybe archery was never great, but seeing a superhero deal with villains using a bow and arrow ... that's enough for anyone to embrace archery as a new hobby. Of course, with the right training you can become a marksmanship expert, but if you just want to have fun with a cool gun like your favorite heroes, then a toy bow and arrow is far superior to the real thing. We put these toys at number 2 on our list because there is nothing cooler than archers who can hang out with overpowered heroes!

Pirate swords

Let's take a look at a classic first. Children have been masquerading as pirates for years. Despite the cruel reality of pirates' lives, we tend to idolize them as lovable rascals. Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean have helped the world view outlaw bullies in a slightly more favorable light. Of course, the best part of being a pirate? Learn to wield a cool pirate sword, of course! Pirate swords are at number 5 on our list because they are a classic that never seems to go out of fashion with young children. Your child can whip up all kinds of adventures on the high seas when they have a trusty pirate cutlass in their hands!

Nerf guns

Nerf Guns had to be number 1 on our list! No, it's not just because everyone in our office should have a Nerf gun on their desk. (It's somewhere in our employee handbook.) Nerf guns really mess up the rest of the water when it comes to toy guns for kids. While shooting harmless darts, they not only help children explore their imaginations, but also shoot foam darts at their friends! There are many different styles to choose from, including Star Wars and Marvel superhero themes. So no matter what your kid likes, you should be able to find the perfect Nerf gun here.

Ninja Weapons

We have to talk about the ninjas. Each child goes through a ninja phase. (Some of these go through a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phase, but that's quite another thing.) This often means that your child will try to practice their martial arts moves in the living room, much to the dismay of their living room decorations. It also means that they could sneak into the house in an attempt to master the art of Shinobi stealth. That's why we put ninja weapons at number 4 on our list. Any kid caught in their ninja phase can entertain themselves for countless hours while practicing their self-taught ninjutsu style. Kiss him ! After all, once they become teenagers, they'll never want to play ninja warriors with mom and dad again, and it's always nice to have an excuse to play ninja warriors as adults.

Minecraft toy weapons

The most popular video game for kids had to be on this list. Minecraft has captured the minds of children by being essentially a giant LEGO game, but in a video game. It's only natural for kids to want to bring their beloved game to the real world, which is why Minecraft's toy guns won third place on our list. From pixelated toy swords to bow and arrow style weapons, there is something for any young creative mind to choose from. It's also a great way to get these little rascals to save the computer.

Toy weapons and gadgets

Many children like to stage battles - one-on-one or "army" against "army". They used to have sticks in their hands - an imaginary weapon. Now weapons have become more realistic - manufacturers make toy pistols, machine guns, bows, blasters. Toy weapons are toys that simulate real weapons, but are intended for children and their games. While some types of toy weapons can be potentially dangerous, these toys are generally harmless.

What toy weapons are popular

Popular types of toy weapons are pistols, rifles and machine guns, blasters, water models, bows and crossbows, swords, sabers.

Pistols, shotguns and machine guns are similar to their prototypes. They can shoot suckers, bullets, balls. They can be played at home and in the shooting range - it all depends on the firing range and the hardness of the bullets. It is not safe to shoot small solid bullets at home.

Blasters are "fantastic" weapons, they do not refer to a specific model or type of weapon. Blasters are often bought for outdoor play because they shoot far.

In water weapons, the ammunition is water. You can play with such a weapon in the bathroom, on the street or near a pond. The capacity of the water container of the weapon determines how often it will have to be "reloaded".

Bows and crossbows are also similar to their prototypes, but they have arrows with a soft tip, Velcro or a suction cup. These toys are especially effective in helping to train accuracy. Some models come with a target.

With swords and sabers you can play knights, musketeers and pirates. This weapon should be chosen for the height of the child so that it does not turn out to be too large, and therefore too heavy.

What are snow weapons

In winter, snow weapons are especially popular: snow blasters, crossbows, snow throwers. They often work on the principle of a slingshot: you need to insert a snowball, pull the string and shoot.

There are also snowballs - they can only conditionally be attributed to weapons, because thanks to their design, they simply help to mold a snowball. Snowballs are double and triple.

What can be the ammunition

Toy weapons can be without "ammunition" at all, often such models are suitable for small children - using such models, it is impossible to harm either yourself or others.

When playing with weapons, soft bullets and cartridges, arrows, caps, darts, balls are often used. Often they come in a set, but if you suddenly get lost, you can always buy them.

Ammunition can also be water and snow.

What you need to know about child gun safety

Play with toy weapons under adult supervision. Weapons that shoot bullets must not be directed at people, animals, birds, or at windows.

With toy weapons that shoot far away, you need to play on special sites where there are no strangers.

Bullets and cartridges must be soft and the arrows must have suction cups.

It should also be remembered that playing even with toy weapons is often quite aggressive.

What to look for when buying toy weapons and blasters

The kind of weapon. These can be pistols, rifles and machine guns, blasters, water weapons, bows and crossbows, swords, sabers.

  • For the season. In summer you can play water weapons, in winter - in snow.
  • For ammunition. These can be bullets and cartridges, arrows, caps, darts, balls.
  • For safety. When playing with toy weapons, you should take care of the safety of the child and those around him.