The best video games of 2021 (so far)

You perhaps havent noticed but were already over halfway thuneven 2021.

In videogameland its been an even slower set to the year than common. While the pandemic might be the reason that more nation are now playing games than ever its also responsible for massively disrupting the activity and games outgrowth cycles signification delays delays delays with more unavoidable. But thats not to say there havent been some exceptionally shiny diamonds in the uneven.

As we extend this landmark we reflection now seemed like a good time to set rounding up the very best gaming has had to propose in 2021 so far. Well update the list anew later this year as we invade the traditionally busy post-August time.

Whether youve got more free time than you know what to do with or attend yourself fortunate if you can find a 30-minute window in the day everything in here is well worth the observation.

Words: Matt Tate Sam Kieldsen Chris Kerr