Razers Barracuda X is one wireless headset for (nearly) all your gaming devices

If you game athwart multiple platforms then you mightve run into the effect of support for wireless standards causing effects for accessories athwart artifices. While wired headsets can plug into just almost any artifice or controller you cant always say the same for wireless cans. Luckily Razers new Barracuda X wireless headset has a solution: this sleek gaming headset comes with a low-latency wireless dongle that can plug into a USB-C port. That resources that you can use it athwart Sonys PlayStation 5 PCs the Nintendo Switch and Android phones resembling although theres no Xbox support listed (it can be used with a cord though). Still if that list covers most or all of your gaming needs then you might find this to be a rather changeable discretion truly. It packs Razers TriForce 40mm drivers for booming sound and offers up to 20 hours of battery life per direct. Its useful from today at a cost of £100.