Cybershoes let you physically run through VR from the comfort of your chair - News - Digital Arts

Cybershoes are like a VR treadmill_ but without the treadmill. Or the standing.<_powerful>

Remember when those colossal VR treadmills were all the rage a few years back? Cybershoes are like kind of like that_ but without the treadmill.

Cybershoes straps ski-like sleds onto your feet_ with rollers on the breast that track where yoursquo;re moving_ and in what course. That lets you physically confuse almost while yoursquo;re sitting in a chair to digitally run almost in games like Doom VFR without needing to devote a hard amount of floor space to a VR treadmill. Itrsquo;s a cool concept that works as advertised_ and the shoes slip on very easily.

Unfortunately_ using Cybershoes made Hayden feel queasy_ and hersquo;s a VR habitue of many years and even more headsets. Watch him scoot through the hordes of Hell in the videonbsp;under and look for Cybershoes to propel on Kickseter in September.