Shipping containers as a threat to the global supply chain

I have always been fascinated by single inventions that have changed the globe in ways no one would have reflection almost when leading devised.  Barbed wire is one such invention.  In 1874 John Glidden invented a machine to exhibit the rather single fruit and began mass producing it for the Barb Fence Company he started with a associate. Before Gliddens invention there was no way to circumscribe in property on the big plains and cattle was herded openly on special lands.  The invention of an inexpensive way to keep unwanted nation and animals off of special property funneled cattle herders into organized routes.  These routes began sprouting towns due to the uniformity of commerce and eventually the whole face of the Great Plains was painted due to Mr. Gliddens wire.  I am sure he did not intend the consequences of his machine which mass exhibitd a single fruit but it is the reason that the Western United States evolved the way it did.  Simple invention confused results. 

And so it is with the shipping container. A single metal box that entirely revolutionized the shipping business and the globe. While Gliddens single invention set the shape of the America West the shipping container has changed the face of the globe.  A good reasoning could be made that the onset of the shopping container has had more of an contact on the globe than the internet. It is one I would affirm to.