Best laptop for hacking

Hacking is the search for vulnerabilities in a network or computer in order to gain access. Becoming a hacker isn't easy, and in this article, we'll cover the basics.

Ethical Hacker Career

Like cybersecurity professionals, white hat hackers may focus on one or more avenues of hacking:

  • web applications
  • system hack
  • web servers
  • wireless computer networks
  • social engineering

In the previous article, we discussed information security tasks, one of which was a penetration test or pentest. Most ethical hackers also penetration test systems, but look for other possible weaknesses: scan open and closed ports using Nessus and NMAP tools; use social engineering methods; bypass intrusion detection and prevention systems; eavesdrop on networks, hack wireless encryption channels; take over web servers and web applications.


Ethical hacking is a profitable direction for those who want to develop in the field of information security. You can make good money even without a formal education, best laptop for hacking and a permanent job. But a successful career as an ethical hacker requires advanced programming skills and in-depth knowledge of information security. It is not easy to master them on your own - it is better to enroll in a practical course on information security.

At the Faculty of Information Security, you will acquire the necessary programming skills, learn the basics of cybersecurity, get practice in real projects that will make up your portfolio. The career development service will help you apply and find a job in your specialty - the educational portal guarantees employment. If you're burning with the desire to become an ethical hacker, it's time to learn!