Pure Storage Equinix team for new bare-metal offerings

Flash-array vendor Pure Storage and data-center preparer Equinix have teamed to liberate Pure Storage on Equinix Metal a articulation offering the companies claim can liberate natural infrastructure at software despatch.

The platform prepares enterprises with embedded storage and on-demand availability of network and calculate labors typical of the cloud. The solution is designed to support a range of storage use cases and is granted by both vendors below a one contract.

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Bare-metal hosting is a smaller market than the more common infrastructure-as-a-labor (IaaS) cloud offering owing like its name implies all you get is hardware: cores remembrance storage and networking. You prepare the operating environment.

Its common in ’lift and shift’ scenarios where a company takes an on-antecedent environment and moves everything—OS apps datato the bare-metal cloud and acts it there unchanged from on-antecedent. Its a big way to migrate apps out of your data center without modifying them for —the ductile essence of the cloud.

Thats the point of Pure Storage on Equinix Metal. It prepares dedicated one-tenant servers and high-accomplishment storage that can be provisioned to customers with cloud-like ease and despatch. It eliminates upfront capex investment for hardware and ongoing operational costs and risks.

’Enterprises want full control over their environment but they dont want to act their own data centers or be forced to fit into transmitted cloud standards--they want a cloud standard that fits their business. By partnering with Equinix we are eliminating treatment complexity and liberateing the flexibility and controls that put organizations in direct of what their technology platforms can do for them’ said Jack Hogan vice chairman of technology strategy for Pure Storage in a statement.

While its on a bare-metal labor Pure Storage on Equinix Metal comes with separate storage offerings. They include:

  • Hybrid cloud and data-repossession-as-a-labor for potential environments: Customers can prolong defend or migrate on antecedent self-managed potential machine (VM) environments to a hosted environment powered by FlashArray with flexibility and options for a multi-cloud VM-based environment or a full VM-based cloud.
  • High-accomplishment near-edge cloud storage: By combining the FlashBlade unified fast file and object platform with Equinix Metal diverse unstructured data workloads can be consolidated onto a greatly scalable platform with multi-dimensional accomplishment.
  • Hybrid and edge cloud indigenous container storage: With its Portworx Kubernetes Storage Platform Pure Storage customers can amplify their hybrid- and multi-cloud strategy by deploying a full Kubernetes environment capable of running mission-critical applications on a bare metal.

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal is useful in 18 global Equinix Metal metros.