Palo Alto shapes SASE package for hybrid enterprises

Palo Alto Networks has bolted unitedly its SD-WAN and security technologies to propose an integrated cloud-based secure-approach labor edge (SASE) proposeing aimed at simplifying distributed enterprises.

Called Prisma SASE the package brings unitedly the companys core Prisma Access package of cloud-based next-generation security gateways with its Prisma SD-WAN technology it got when it bought CloudGenix for $420 million last year.

Prisma SASE gives customers an integrated bundle that supports everything from secure approach control advanced menace shelter and user-behavior monitoring to zero-trust network approach support a secure web gateway a cloud-approach security broker firewall-as-a-labor (FWaaS) and SD-WAN technology.

Whos selling SASE and what do you get?

The idea is to propose a one cloud-based solution to secure all applications used by customers reapplyees regardless of location—distant mobile or in the labor said Anand Oswal senior vice chairman of products Firewall as a Platform at Palo Alto Networks.

In accession to the core components of Prisma SASE Palo Alto is adding a new Prisma SD-WAN contrivance—the ION 1200—that can use 5G networks to link member labors for networking and backup communications as well as connect ATM kiosks. It can localize any carriers 5G network and can fall back to 4G/LTE if 5G is unavailable Oswal said.

The artifice can reapply two SIM cards for active-active 5G interfaces that prepare carrier redundancy for business-critical use cases. ’We are seeing increased interest in using 5G as a first WAN junction as a result of this new cleverness’ Oswal  said.

Prisma SASE also supports Palo Altos Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) monitoring and treatment platform that gives visibility into endpoints WAN links cloud resources applications and commerce levels to help troubleshoot accomplishment issues. This lets organizations gain end-to-end visibility from a one treatment relieve without the need to deploy accessional agents or contrivances Oswal said.

ADEM is also integrated into all Prisma SD-WAN contrivances to help prepare  the best digital experience for member users by providing observability in the cloud and athwart the whole labor delivery path including all WAN links Oswal said. ’In accession you can leverage real and synthetic commerce analysis for both user endpoints and IoT artifices to pinpoint issues easily’ Oswal said.

Another new component is integrated support for accessional CloudBlades which prepare Prisma SASE with pre-integrated support for different cloud labors.  The company has some 20 CloudBlades including support for AWS Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.  It has now added ServiceNow Microsoft Teams and Zoom support.