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How to Hold a Gaming Mouse

In order to determine how to hold a gaming mouse, you need to consider several factors:

  • sensitivity (resolution) of the mouse rug size mouse shape Mouse sensitivity By changing the mouse sensitivity, you can adjust the pointer speed on the monitor and in the game. The lower the mouse sensitivity, the slower its speed, and vice versa, the higher the sensitivity, the faster its speed. Some models of mice are equipped with additional buttons that allow you to instantly switch the DPI of the mouse, changing its sensitivity.

Mouse sensitivity in CS game

The lower the sensitivity of the mouse, the better the accuracy of shooting at long and medium distances, but the less your mobility at short distances. Conversely, with a high sensitivity of the mouse, you move around the map quite comfortably, you can quickly react to an unexpected situation, but at the same time you lose accuracy at long and medium distances.

In order to set the optimal mouse sensitivity in a CS game, you need to place the mouse in the middle of the carpet and move your hand to the edge of the mat. Your model in the game should rotate 180 degrees. Consequently, by dragging the mouse horizontally across the entire rug, the model should be turned at least 360 degrees.

If you have insufficient spread, do not write off changing the sensitivity of the mouse, pay attention to the mat. Maybe you should buy it in a larger size. After all, the larger the size of the mouse pad, the greater your mobility without sacrificing accuracy.

If your mouse is equipped with additional buttons for dynamic sensitivity change, then you can switch the resolution (DPI) by clicking on them. If the mouse does not have additional buttons, then you need to launch the Mouse Control Center, select your mouse and click on Basic Options. There you will find Sensitivity. Adjust the settings and click the Apply button. Position of the mat, hand and fingers in the game

Holding the mouse correctly in the game is not enough; you need to conveniently place the mat under it. The position of the mat during play should be such that it hangs slightly off the table. This is another advantage of the large rug. In this position, your hand will have the same surface throughout. This will increase the stability of your game, as there will be no unnecessary variables. Otherwise, you will have two sharp corners that will deliver micro discomfort.