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Snappy speaker series

Speedlink is a brand that produces a variety of gaming accessories, including speakers. The Speedlink speakers are designed for gamers and are known for their quality sound and compatibility with various gaming devices.

Snappy speakers from Speedlink

  • Active stereo speakers
  • Convenient desktop remote control
  • Trendy design
  • Intense multimedia sound
  • Powered by USB
  • 6 W RMS for powerful low frequencies
  • Convenient remote control for convenient volume adjustment
  • Metal mesh protection
  • Rubber support feet for sound isolation
  • Compact design
  • Cable length 1.25m
  • Dimensions: 99 × 84 × 101mm (L × W × H)
  • Weight: 400g

Warranty and Returns

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Snappy speakers reviews

These speakers arrive in a cardboard box and are protected by plastic moldings. They are relatively compact: 9.7 x 9.7 x 8.8 cm. Each speaker weighs around 200 g. The principle is super simple since you just have to plug the speakers into the port dedicated to the sound output (usually green on the back of the PC) or on the headphone jack and on a USB port at the same time since it is the latter that powers them. There is no need to look for a plug here, which is a very good point in my eyes. We have 90 cm of cable. We arrive then at the remote control which serves at the same time as button on/off and as potentiometer for the volume via two distinct buttons. The cable is on the other hand short from the remote control to the right speaker (30 cm) which is connected to it. The left speaker has a maximum of 75 cm of cable from the left speaker. This is a bit short for those who have a large screen.

On the sound side, we are clearly on the entry level and we should not expect a very pure and very deep sound that will sound a large room. Clearly these speakers are intended for a small room and make correctly the work without more for 2 X 3W. We feel saturation effects at maximum volume at times and it will be better to turn down a notch to enjoy a good sound. Only hitch, and of size in my eyes, the speakers produce an unbearable hissing when there is no music. It is perceptible at the end of the track, between two songs, when the album is finished or when you pause. It is even more audible when the sound is at its maximum on the remote control of the speaker. So, when you put the volume of the computer very low and at the maximum on the speaker, you can hear this noise very well. So you have to do the opposite if you want to listen to music at very low volume (PC very loud and speakers close to the minimum). On a smartphone, we feel less this concern.

Without this annoying parasitic noise, especially at low volume, these speakers would largely get away with it, especially with the autonomous power supply solution via USB. We can also use it on a smartphone with an external battery to power the speakers (max.1A). It will therefore be more suitable for a not very demanding user or in a work environment to listen to sounds from time to time. For my part, I intend them for a teenager who should be largely satisfied with the integrated volume control, especially since their look is nice. Translated with (free version)

I got them today and connected them right away. I wanted some small speakers for my TV because it sounds like the often quoted tin bucket. I liked these in the pictures, but I didn't know if I could use them to adjust the volume on the TV remote. You can, no problem at all. The sound is völig okay and the small boxes look to the smooch. As soon as the VK has regular red boxes on offer again, which are ordered again as a reserve. I am absolutely satisfied with the sweet parts.

The speakers (I own the "Snappy" version) are unfortunately absolutely unusable. As soon as I turn on the color-changing mode of my keyboard, they emit a high-pitched buzz in rhythm with the changing colors, the volume of which changes constantly. Likewise, the speakers accompany the silent scrolling of my mouse wheel with a loud hiss.

I plugged in speakers, keyboard and mouse wireless receiver in different combinations on the front and back of the computer, but the problem persists in every combination. Not to mention, the speakers didn't run a particularly good sound, let alone even rudimentary bass - quite the opposite of the Genius SP-HF 160 speakers, even though they're cheaper than Speedlink's speakers.

...I already have these little boxes and am completely satisfied. I've been looking around for ages because I needed cheap boxes, but they should not have the sound of an empty tin can.

The sound is clear even if the small boxes offer more in the low tones than in the high. Bass is present in the approach, but also really only in the approach.

So they are enough for everyday life but not for when you want to make yourself comfortable and enjoy your songs to the full extent of the tones. You shouldn't expect that in this price range anyway.

However, the speakers do have one small drawback: if you turn them up loud, i.e. directly to the volume control on the cable, the speakers start to creak. Therefore, you should make sure to first increase the volume in the program on the PC.

Nevertheless, I give full 5 stars because I include the price range here, because in this I have (so far) heard nothing better and on top of that they also look chic.

Who is looking for something for a movie night or for music with bass, which is better looking for something in higher price range

The speakers look good and can be switched off separately. The sound is as you would expect at the price, for me really OK, listen to music on the side on the PC. Of course, they do not build up pressure, but do not rattle either. Unfortunately, the connection cable is a bit too short.

The speaker boxes have a good sound quality. Also do not need much space. I like to listen to music with my laptop and for this they are ideal, because you can also take them on trips. The price-performance ratio is also good.

The speaker boxes have a good sound quality. Also do not take up much space. I like to listen to music with my laptop and for this they are ideal, because you can also take them on trips. Also the price-performance ratio is right.

Gravity Wave X

Another popular Speedlink speaker model is the Gravity Wave X. This is a 2.1 channel speaker system that includes a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The Gravity Wave X delivers powerful sound with a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz and a maximum output power of 40 watts.

The Gravity Wave X features a compact and stylish design that is perfect for gaming setups. It also includes a convenient wired remote control that allows you to adjust the volume, bass, and treble levels. Additionally, the speaker system supports various connectivity options, including a 3.5mm jack and RCA inputs.

Overall, the Speedlink Gravity Wave X is a solid choice for gamers who want a high-quality speaker system that enhances their gaming experience with immersive sound.

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