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Best soundbar under 300

Fans of movies, TV shows and music cannot do without acoustic systems, because. The power of the TV speakers is often not enough for comfortable listening to content. Soundbars are soundbars that enhance the audio experience of your TV, computer, or smartphone. And advanced models do perform the role of home theaters, but unlike the latter, they take up less space in the apartment.

What is the best soundbar under 300?

Grabbing a soundbar under $300 is a great way to immerse yourself in the scores of your favorite movies and the punchy dialogue of your comfort sitcoms. By bypassing your TV's built-in speakers, soundbars can enhance and elevate your viewing experience by enhancing the stereo field or even dramatically extending it. While there are several high-end (read expensive) models out there, you don't need to spend a fortune to upgrade your home theater audio. Affordable soundbars can still deliver a high-quality listening experience with 5.1-channel systems, multiple connectivity options, and wireless playback capabilities. Beyond all the special features, the best soundbars under $300 will be compact and easy to set up, providing extra amplification and clarity to any soundtrack, score, or stage.

Vizio M51ax-J6 soundbar under 300

The M51ax-J6 is the only product on our list that offers a full surround system with two additional satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio at a very reasonable price.


  • Dimensions: 36 x 3.5 x 2.2 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI eARC, Bluetooth, optical
  • Audio channels: 5.1


  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X processing
  • voice assistant
  • 9 speaker drivers


  • Expensive
  • Satellite speakers are wired

The Vizio M51ax-J6 is a 5.1 channel surround sound system packed with features typically found in more expensive models. The 36-inch soundbar houses six speakers: two passive radiators, woofers and tweeters for improved frequency isolation and support, resulting in richer sound. The 5-inch subwoofer is wireless, can be placed anywhere and has a frequency range of up to 45 Hz. Two smaller satellite speakers, which are connected to the subwoofer by cable, can be placed next to the soundbar for wider coverage (also as front surround mode) or placed behind your seating area for dual stereo mode.

Klipsch Cinema 400 soundbar under $300

It may not have the great features of some of its competitors, but if you're looking for great performance, this is where you should start. As the best soundbar under $300, it offers a head-turning look with those exposed tweeters and a chunky subwoofer. And the included remote provides independent control of the sub. Get great sound with music and an episode or two of Loki. Built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows music to be streamed from compatible devices. Virtual surround sound mode provides a more immersive listening experience with Dolby Digital decoding. Read our Klipsch Cinema 400 review.

Polk Audio Signa S3 soundbar under 300

The Signa 3 is not only a great soundbar for watching videos, but also a great home speaker for listening to your favorite tunes.


  • Dimensions: 35.4 x 3.2 x 2.15 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, optical
  • Audio channels: 2.1


  • Dedicated music mode
  • Powerful audio in treble and bass
  • Chromecast built-in


  • LED mode indicators can be difficult to read

The Signa 3 is a great soundbar for listeners looking for more when it comes to everyday listening at home. Not only will you get great sound for movies and TV shows, but you'll also get high sound when it comes to music.

The built-in Chromecast makes it easy to connect to apps like Spotify, TIDAL, or Amazon Music, and Wi-Fi connectivity expands those options. Bluetooth 4.0, with AAC, AptX and SBC codecs, is also supported. Three different listening modes are available: Movie, Music and Night; you can also use Voice Adjust technology to adjust the level of dialogue to your liking.


LG SN6Y best soundbar under 300

If your system doesn't have room for discrete satellites, options are still available to allow you to enjoy surround sound content without cluttering up your living room. The LG SN6Y is a 3.1 setup, which means it has two fewer channels than the Vizio V Series V51-H6. However, it's a versatile choice, especially if you watch a lot of Dolby Digital and DTS content.
Thanks to the dedicated subwoofer, there's a lot of extra punch and boom in the bass range, perfect for listening to bass-heavy music and action movies. However, its mids are fairly neutral, so voices and lead instruments in the mix are still distinct. If you prefer a more neutral sound, you still have bass and treble settings to change the sound.

Unfortunately, its surround sound quality isn't as good as the Vizio's. It has to convert surround sound to stereo in order to play it, which doesn't seem all that exciting.

Polk MagniFi Mini soundbar under $300

The problem with most soundbars is that they're gigantic - if you have a small TV or accompanying stand, they can hang down. The MagniFi Mini's main speaker is barely a foot tall and yet it's capable of delivering ultra-wide sound with clever use of technology. Sounds great, and you'll hardly know it's there. It includes a 3.5 mm stereo minijack input (cable included) and a 6' optical cable.

Samsung HW-A550 soundbar under 300

The best 2.1 soundbar under $300 we've tested is the Samsung HW-A550. Compared to 3.1 setups like the LG SN6Y, 2.1 soundbars only come with two built-in channels – left and right stereo channels.

They are designed for listening to stereo content, which includes most music and TV shows. So they are a good choice if you don't watch a lot of movies.
Its sound profile is neutral and balanced right out of the box, especially in the midrange, where vocals and lead instruments come through. Want a different sound? Lots of sound customization features are available, including a full graphic equalizer as well as bass and treble adjustments. Its dialogue enhancement function is convenient for watching TV and its night mode function can reduce the dynamic range to balance the volume level when watching programs at night.

Unfortunately, without a discrete center channel, this soundbar can't reproduce dialogue as accurately as 3.1 setups like the LG.

Yamaha ATS-2090 soundbar under $300

The Yamaha ATS-2090 is a simple 2.1-channel balanced sound player, equipped with Wi-Fi, voice control and easy installation.


  • Dimensions: 36 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, Optical
  • Audio channels: 2.1


  • Built-in Alexa
  • Equalizer Presents


  • No control display
  • 3D mode can be stunning

The ATS-2090 is a great option for those who want the extra power of a wireless subwoofer without a lot of extras. It features well-balanced stereo sound, improved dialogue, subwoofer level control, equalizer presets designed for different content, and virtual surround sound. Connectivity options include HDMI ARC, HDMI full input, HDMI output, optical audio input, USB, and Ethernet. There is also a 4K pass-through that can support Blu-ray players, game consoles, and optional PC monitors. The ATS-2090 has built-in Alexa control as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to support playback from your phone or other smart devices.

Samsung HW-A650 best budget soundbar 2022

If investing in additional speakers (and cables for that matter) isn't your thing, but you want more than just a left and right channel, the Samsung 3.1 HW-A650 should do the trick.


  • Size: 38.6 x 2.3 x 4.1 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, optical
  • Audio channels: 3.1


  • Central channel
  • Graphic equalizer
  • Overall sound quality


  • Expensive
  • No Dolby Atmos
  • No voice control

When it comes to sound amplification and system design, most, if not all, venues use a center speaker or speaker array to specifically support voice. A 3.1 soundbar uses this design concept to bring better home theater sound to your living room. In addition to the left, right and center channels, the HW-A650 provides balanced sound with a tested frequency response range of approximately 42Hz - 20kHz. When you're ready to transition to a 5.1 surround sound experience, you can easily integrate Samsung satellite speakers into your system.

This soundbar has several enhancement features that will keep you happy even without extra units. The graphic equalizer gives you total control over your sound, and if you're not sure where to start, settings like Bass Boost, Game, Surround Sound, and Adaptive Sound Life get you going. Connectivity options include HDMI Arc, HDMI output, Full HDMI input, USB, and optical audio, as well as Bluetooth - however, there's no Wi-Fi playback option. The remote is simple and direct, it controls the soundbar, not the TV itself. While the HW-A650 does not include a treasure trove of bells and whistles, it provides excellent sound quality, giving you customizable control over your audio.

Roku Streambar Pro best soundbar under 300

The Streambar Pro is an inexpensive way to get solid sound quality with tons of control and connectivity options.


  • Dimensions: 32.2 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, Optical
  • Audio Channels: 2.0


  • Price
  • Private listening option
  • voice control
  • Compatible with AirPlay and HomeKit


  • bass could be better

You don't need a Roku TV to enjoy everything this powerful, compact soundbar has to offer. The Streambar Pro has four 2.5-inch full-range drivers that support powerful 2-channel stereo sound, gracefully enhancing movies and TV shows, but may not have a big impact for listening to music. Clarity of Speech helps with clear dialogue, though. Fortunately, Roku makes expansion easy with the option to incorporate additional wireless speakers or a wireless subwoofer in the future if you want to complement your listening experience.

What to Look for When Choosing a Soundbar under %300 for Your TV

When choosing a soundbar, a number of parameters are taken into account:

  • acoustic type. Soundbars are passive and active. The first to work are connected to the receiver. And active soundbars are independent devices that connect directly to the TV. They have their own processor, power supply and a set of interfaces. Therefore, if the user needs a modern and compact device, an active soundbar will do. Passive models are recommended to choose if you have a receiver at home.
  • subwoofer type. The soundbar comes with an external or built-in subwoofer. External subs play powerful bass because they have large speakers. Therefore, if the area of u200bu200bthe room allows, it is recommended to take a soundbar with an external subwoofer. At the same time, models with built-in speakers are compact, so they will save space in the apartment.
  • The choice of interfaces. Active soundbars are equipped with a variety of connectors that turn them from ordinary acoustics into a functional device. Unpretentious models have a USB connector and an optical input. More expensive soundbars have HDMI. The more HDMI ports in the soundbar, the more devices can be connected to it (set-top box, Blu-Ray player, laptop, etc.).
  • Wireless technologies. Bluetooth support allows you to play music from your phone on the soundbar and control it remotely. And access to Wi-Fi will make the soundbar part of the multiroom.
  • The total power of the speakers. This setting affects the volume of the sound being played. When choosing power, you need to consider the size of the room. For example, if its area is from 50 m2, you will need a model with a power of 200 watts. At the same time, a soundbar with a power of 70-80 W is enough for medium rooms, and 30 W for small bedrooms.
  • Device functionality. If earlier soundbars were used only to improve the sound, now these devices have become much more functional. They read information from memory cards and disks, and also connect to gadgets via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And advanced models are replacing home theaters.
  • Installation method. Depending on the size, soundbars are mounted on the wall, placed on a shelf or on a bedside table. Therefore, if the installation method is chosen in advance, it is important to consider this parameter before choosing acoustics.
  • Number of channels. The more channels, the louder the speakers sound. 2.1 and 3.1 standards are used for stereo sound reproduction. And to play surround sound, you need versions 5.0 and higher.


This was the TOP of the best soundbars in 2022. If the user is looking for inexpensive acoustics that will replace the built-in TV speakers, it is recommended to take the Xiaomi Redmi TV Soundbar.

Among soundbars with average functionality, the Sony HT-S350 stands out, equipped with an external subwoofer.

Well, if you need a sound bar that will replace a home theater, then the YAMAHA YAS-207 or Sony HT-S700RF will cope with this task. The first model is designed for medium rooms, the second - for spacious rooms.