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Best mountain bikes under 500

Finding the right mountain bike for you can be difficult because you want to take it to the mountains and you need it to perform.

Finding the right mountain bike for you can be difficult because you want to take it to the mountains and you need it to perform. After all, you want a good bike that will actually last. Read below, I have the best mountain bikes under $500 here. Before buying a good mountain bike under $500, here are the top 10 to consider!

Stack the mountain 29

The best cheap mountain bike

Batch The Mountain 29 We are delighted to introduce this affordable mountain bike.

This is not a high-end bike, but it is a great option for beginners.

Thanks to the attractive price-performance ratio, Batch The Mountain has secured its place as one of the cheapest hardtail bikes.

Important points to bring:

  • 29 ″ wheels
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 3 × 7 unit
  • Aluminum V-brakes

The bike is built around a durable aluminum frame that combines strength and comfort. Thanks to the beveled top tube, there is plenty of overhang space for short riders. The frame has fender mounts and a luggage rack.

This particular model is available in modern and attractive shades of orange and blue that make it appear more expensive.

The Mountain's components are suitable for mountain bike beginners and include an SR Suntour XCE28 fork with 100mm of travel and aluminum V-brakes for reliable stopping power. With the grip and comfort that tires give you, you'll feel confident exploring unpaved roads and trails.

This bike also has a Shimano 3x7 drivetrain which is sufficient for beginners.

The Batch The Mountain is an economical hardtail mountain bike for everyday use as it is equipped with 29-inch wide wheels and tires and is suitable for various recreational and mountain bike purposes.

We found several user reviews online, most of them with 4- and 5-star ratings. The owners gave high marks to all aspects of the bike and found it to be a great Christmas gift.

Batch did a great job at The Mountain, making it the best-selling cheap MTB in 2020. Despite the low price, it doesn't look cheap. It will provide years of performance and driving pleasure for any novice driver.

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0

Ideally with hydraulic disc brakes

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 Cooperative Cycles may sound like a new brand to your ears, but we've been a fan of it for several years. It's owned by, which makes some pretty fancy mountain bikes that are under or around the $500 mark.

Main features:

  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • 21 gears
  • Best for short drivers (from 4'9 ″)
  • Guaranteed free tuning from REI
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • Overview of the complete DRT series

The DRT 1.0 was developed for cycling enthusiasts who are beginning trail riding and want to spend some time in nature.

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 has a number of standout features that rival the more expensive trail bikes, though it only costs around $ 599.

The bike uses lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame tubes combined with 100mm of front suspension travel, making all trail surfaces feel much smoother and increasing rider control and confidence. Another standout feature of the DRT 1.0 is that it has not only disc brakes, but also hydraulic disc brakes.

Riding the bike requires minimal mechanical skills - the included instructions and comprehensive tools make it easy!

User reviews confirm our thoughts: DRT 1.0 is very intuitive and easy to use, with some owners pointing out that it is a bargain at this price. Word has spread!

After all, DRT 1.0 is a good choice for riders making their first mountain biking experiences and looking for a reliable "partner". We hope that more and more beginners will discover Co-op Cycles because it looks like it could be the new Diamondback, which has proven to be reliable and great value for money!

Mongoose Switchback - men and women

The best affordable hardtail MTB

Mongoose SwitchbackMongoose Switchback is a versatile hybrid mountain bike suitable for both male and female riders. It is also available in various versions, eg. Eg B. Expert, Comp, Sport and Trail.

It has a sleek, streamlined, lightweight aluminum frame that's painted in a number of attractive colors, which is always a huge plus. It's not ultralight, but it's not difficult either. The coil spring fork is simple, but it's a great feature for recreational trails, gravel, and off-road riding.

The central theses:

  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Aluminium frame
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Let's get to the components: The Switchback is equipped with 8 to 21 gears, depending on the model. This is more than enough for beginners. The groups also vary, so depending on the model you can get a Shimano Tourney or Altus.

Plus, this bike comes with mechanical disc brakes to slow you down or stop you for a dime, which is a must when riding off-road.

Mongoose Switchback is a well built mountain bike that is great value for the average beginner.

Finding the perfect fit of the Mongoose Switchback is easy as the bike comes in small, medium and large sizes. All models also have gnarled 27.5 x 2.1 ″ tires that provide excellent grip in most conditions.

The Mongoose Switchback is an entry-level bike, so it is not recommended for serious trail riding. However, it's perfect for casual off-road walking and exploring off the beaten path. It's a comfortable, upright MTB that introduces you to the nuances of the sport.

Neffice 27.5 mountain bike

Grandma's best equipment for climbing

Neffice Mountain Bike It's time to update our list of the best mountain bikes you can get for under $500. The latest addition is the Neffice 27.5. It earned its place on the list because it offers unparalleled value for so little money.

The low overall weight is achieved by the light 6061 aluminum frame with relaxed, trail-specific geometry. It puts the driver in a more upright and relaxed position. As a result, you feel more confident and drive more.

The best aspects of the Neffice 27.5 mountain bike are:

  • Attractive colors
  • High quality aluminum frame
  • Powerful mechanical disc brakes
  • 24 speed
  • Knobby 2.1 wide tires

Neffice has an adjustable suspension fork, 2.1 "wide tires and comes with 27.5" wheels. Therefore, it is suitable for different terrain and types of off-

Although Neffice costs significantly less than $500, it uses decent components. These are entry-level options, but they work great at this level too. You get a total of 24 gears, which is perfect for proper off-road driving and climbing.

Neffice is a simple and versatile trail mountain bike that performs well on paved and dirt roads, in the forest, and on moderate trails.

As I said, the wheels have a diameter of 27.5 "and the tires are gnarled and wide, so you won't lack grip. You also get a pair of platform pedals and a comfortable ergonomic saddle. So all you have to do is climb up and go exploring!

The Neffice 27.5 ″ is the right choice if you want to buy a cheap mountain bike with decent components that you can ride on and off the road to enjoy nature, lose weight or get fit.

Schwinn Mesa

Best for short drivers

As you know, Schwinn has been around for a long time, making quality bikes in different categories. One of these categories is mountain biking. They deliver value where it is needed most, for example with strong wheels and components.

The central theses:

  • Suitable for drivers with a height of 5'2 "to 5'6"
  • Disc brakes
  • 27.5 ″ wheels

This Schwinn is the best mountain bike under $500 because it is made from high quality materials, making it great value for money. It has 27.5-inch wheels and disc brakes that allow you to avoid obstacles and stop quickly. It has wide, gnarled mountain tires that are wide enough for off-road driving but not too wide for on-road commuting.

Assembling it may require some technical knowledge, even though most bikes are already assembled. The bike can be a little heavier considering it has entry-level front suspension. This suspension is not designed for serious road trips, but improves the overall comfort significantly when driving off-road.

Schwinn Mesa is an entry-level bike for beginners and recreational cyclists. At the low price, you can't really find many flaws.

This hardtail bike has a Shimano Tourney drive with 21 gears. This is a minor group so I would advise against too much abuse. However, it's perfectly fine for everyday use. The components of this bike will last until you decide to wrap yourself around a tree, although we advise against doing so if you can.

Get it if you're looking for an affordable hardtail bike with the utmost comfort for off-road adventures.

Vilano Blackjack 3.0

The cheapest we could find

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 This bike is reasonably priced. You can get it for less than $500. But what about the components? You can't expect great things in this price range, but there can be a good balance between price and quality. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 is very popular on Amazon.

The central theses:

  • 29er wheels
  • One size (17 ″)
  • Aluminium frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Front and rear disc brakes

Let's take a closer look and see what's causing all the attention.

Wheel on 29 ”double-walled wheels. It is only available in one size (17 ”), so some very small or very tall drivers may not be able to drive it. The frame material is aluminum, which according to Vilano has been heat treated. This bike is only available in one color, but it is an attractive modern black with gray and red accents.

Vilano also says that he weighs around 30 pounds. It's not easy, but it's okay for the price. It mainly uses low-level Shimano components that are better than some third-party components. Its 24 gears are absolutely sufficient for different driving situations.

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 is a great bargain, costing less than $500 but has components that typically cost a lot more.

You will need some tools to assemble it. The mounting instructions are good, but if you are unfamiliar with mounting bicycles, you may want to take the bike to a nearby bike shop and have it made for a relatively inexpensive price.

This is a great option for those looking for the best mountain bikes under $500. Check out the best sellers and reviews on Amazon - they say the same thing, this bike is worth buying in this price range!

Mungo Malus Fat Bike

Our Top Picks: Best Fat Bike Under $500!

Mongoose MalusMongoose makes many different types of bikes, but we like their MTB line the best. This MTB review page would not have been complete without a chunky bike as its popularity is growing. With that in mind, the Mongoose Malus Fat Tire bike was the most logical choice when it came to selecting mountain bikes for under $500.

Main features:

  • Knobby 4 ″ wide tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Additionally, fat bikes tend to be sturdier and easier than other types of bikes, making them perfect candidates for beginners.

All fatbikes are usually equipped with disc brakes, as they require more braking force due to their greater weight. Mongoose Malus has a number of mechanical disc brakes that may require more force on your fingers to fully grip, but brake much more efficiently than V-brakes.

Mongoose Malus comes with a steel frame that values comfort and strength, but doesn't sacrifice too much speed and weight.

At this price, you can't expect high-end components, that's for sure. However, Mongoose Malus doesn't offer you the cheapest components either. It comes with a 1 × 7 transmission that is operated by a Shimano rear derailleur.

Fatbikes do not usually come with many gears, as they are designed for extreme terrain and conditions where you do not need to go very fast. Therefore, Malus' seven speeds will suffice.

In general, fat tire bikes are really fun machines, but they are much more than just toys. If you haven't ridden one before, we recommend Mongoose Malus as it is great value for money, a fat bike for under $500, give it a try!

Royce Union

Best 29er trail bike

Royce UnionRoyce is not a very well known brand, but they do a lot to popularize mountain biking among beginners, both men and women. Royce Union is the right tool for the job because it costs little, looks good, and offers plenty of beginner-friendly features.

Main features:

  • Aluminium frame
  • 29 ″ wheels
  • 22 gears
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

The attractive paintwork and progressive trail geometry immediately show that this is a modern trail bike. The bike looks great on the road and rides even better, even though it is reasonably priced.

The SR Suntour XCT front fork has 100mm of travel, which is a good amount of travel for fun rides on bumpy roads or recreational rides on moderate trails.

Gives a smooth ride and eliminates most vibrations. Fork and frame allow for wide, gnarled tires that you'll love when the ground beneath you becomes sketchy. You get good grip even in wet conditions.

The Royce Union Trailbike offers phenomenal entry-level performance with a range of components and features to suit all budgets.

The number of gears is sometimes an issue on cheap bikes, but the Royce Union has 22 gears and a 2 × 11 ratio, which is sufficient. You won't need any more. The bike is equipped with Shimano SLX components, an excellent mid-range group.

All in all, we really like Royce Union and think it's a great option for recreational riders as it has comfortable geometry and quality parts. Feel free to buy one of these if you are an absolute beginner starting off-road cycling and want to get to know the beauties of the sport.

Schwinn High Timber

Best MTB with 29 ″ wheels

Schwinn High TimberSchwinn High Timber is an affordable mountain bike, perfect as your first off-road bike. It's well-equipped, attractive, and incredibly easy to maintain.

Some specs:

  • Aluminum frame
  • 29 tires
  • 21 speeds

It has a lightweight and durable aluminum frame that increases comfort and gives it a modern look. The looks of it are the main feature of this bike, but for the price it is also quite well equipped.

High Timber has a comfortable saddle that supports you well on longer journeys and comes with platform pedals.

The value that Schwinn High Timber offers at a very low price is hard to beat, making it the best investment in this category.

This bike has a 21-speed transmission so you don't have to worry about whether or not you have the right gear for a steep climb. The bike also has mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear instead of V-brakes, which is a big plus on budget mountain bikes.

The highlight are the wide 29 "tires, which improve comfort and stability, which is especially important for beginners.

In short, if you are looking for an affordable but high quality bike that will show you all the beauties of cycling, don't hesitate to get the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike.

Hiland 26 aluminum MTB

Best kids bike under $500

Hiland 26 Aluminum MTB We believe that children should start cycling at an early age. It's fun and good for your health! So we're completing this list with the best kids' bikes under $500! We're talking about the Hiland 26, a versatile option that works well both on and off-road.

Key Features:

  • 26 ″ wheels
  • Front suspension
  • Aluminum frame

It has 26 inch wheels which make this bike suitable for teenagers and young adults. However, depending on their height, even the smallest can enjoy this beautiful MTB. It is suitable for drivers over 5'1 tall.

This Hiland model costs well under $500. It's a bargain and therefore the perfect first mountain bike for you or your child.

The original model is adequately equipped to guarantee driving pleasure and driving quality. Hiland 26 has a Shimano 24-speed entry-level drive that is easy to use for children and even easier to maintain for parents.

Hiland also has mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear that provide confidence and stability.

The fork on this bike offers a lot of travel, despite being heavy, but most kids won't have to travel a lot as they won't travel too much.

If you want you or your child to spend more time outdoors and fall in love with cycling on a fun, high quality bike, then Hiland 26 ″ is a breeze.

To conclude...

One might be hesitant to buy an inexpensive mountain bike online, but there are some strong competitors. When it comes to branded bikes, you pay at least 30% for the name alone, while lesser-known, more budget-friendly mountain bike makers work hard to make quality bikes that could rival the “Scotts”. or the "Treks". You can read them here on Bikeradar. All bikes have a strong, lightweight, high quality frame and the only way to ride is to purchase a carbon fiber frame, which is considerably more expensive than the cheap mountain bikes discussed here.

We suggest you buy only the best hardtail mountain bikes because full suspension bikes need more money and you can't afford them in this price range. We tested eight bikes and found all of them to be of great value and competent machines. But which one would be best for you?

If you want to experience the true taste of true mountain biking, then you must buy Batch The Mountain, which is affordable. However, the best trail mountain bike around $500 we've found is the Co-op DRT 1.0.

The Mongoose Switchback costs a little over $500, but it's worth it if you want great value for money and a well-built bike that will last for years.

The best trail mountain bike comes in the form of the Neffice 27.5. If you need a 29″ MTB, you should consider the Schwinn High Timber, which is an excellent hardtail choice.

Short riders sometimes have a hard time finding the right bike. However, we were able to find a Schwinn Mesa that will fit you like a glove if you are under 6 feet tall. For fat off-road cyclists, the Mongoose Malus is the best choice.

Fact: Women can always ride men's bikes, and many do. For example, you should consider the Union of Royce. Great bike for the price! For the most part you get what you pay for. If your priority is low price and you are satisfied with weaker components, we offer Vilano Blackjack 3.0, which will fulfill its obligations if it is regularly maintained and not abused.

Finally, if you are looking for a bike to treat yourself or your child to, Hiland is sure to put a smile on your face.

While they may require some basic assembly, ie handlebars or rims installed, we recommend any of these bikes as entry-level options and you shouldn't worry about less-than-perfect quality - they're great for training and exploring new roads.

Hope you found the best mountain bikes under $500!